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Christmas Bumper Hamper

Christmas Bumper Hamper

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Everything you need to dress your Christmas dinner and jazz up your leftovers. 
Silver Hill Duck Fat will result in the crunchiest roast potatoes you’ve ever had. 
We like to enrich sauces with Ballyhoura Mushroom Ketchup & Wildwood Balsamic Vinegar, made by the magician of Mayo, for stronger meats and use the Guinness Onion Marmalade spread over a steak as it comes off the pan to rest, and traditional Florrie's Ham Glaze from the best of Tipperary, The Scullery. 
Pop the Lavosh Flatbreads & Gubbeen Oatcakes by your cheeseboard and accompany it with the Erin Grove Plum Jam for a nice sweet/rich combo.
There are some of Aine’s delicious chocolates included too for afters.
In the lovely, slow days between Christmas and New Year, reheat your turkey and ham and run a couple of spoons of White Mausu Cashew Crunch through the turkey, and do the same with the Peanut Rayu through the ham. To balance the salty ham and the umami blast of the Rayu, drizzle a touch of the Highbank Orchard Treacle on top. Sweet, savoury, salty bliss!
We hope you and your family have a whopper, tasty Christmas Dinner this year with the help of some of these delightful little friends!  

Hamper contents

  1. White Mausu Cashew Crunch
  2. Aine's Chocolate Bars *2
  3. Lavosh Flatbreads
  4. Ballyhoura Mountain Mushroom Ketchup
  5. Erin Grove Sour Cherry jelly
  6. Gubbeen Oatcakes
  7. Silver Hill Duck Fat
  8. Wildwood Elderberry & Star Anise Vinegar
  9. Erin Grove Plum Jam
  10. Florrie's Ham Glaze
  11. Highbank Orchard Apple Treacle
  12. White Mausu Peanut Rayu
  13. Guinness Sticky Onion Maramalade


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