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Whiskey in the Jar Hamper

Whiskey in the Jar Hamper

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Whiskey tea or coffee, straight up or on the rocks. 
Think Dingle, think Gin. Well, think again. 
The Dingle Distillery has branched out and developed a super little Whiskey for your delectation too. 
We have included the tumblers if you like it neat, with a splash of water or chilled down over ice. 
But we have also popped in some Velo coffee to make a strong, creamy Irish coffee and a new, old one for you to try, Brown Tea!
Our grandparents were big fans of this one, where you make a strong brew of McEntees Afternoon Tea Blend, sweeten it with sugar and add a good splash of Dingle Core Whiskey topped with a drop of milk. It will warm the cockles of your heart on a cold, December day. We predict a comeback of this traditional way of using Irish Whiskey. 
The other bits and bobs in the this hamper are all Whiskey-themed too. 
Your Irish Coffee goes really well with the handmade chocolates, Filligans Whiskey Marmalade is a revelation on toast with Brown Tea & Kilbeggan oatcake spread with some Guinness Sticky Onion Marmalade is best accompanied by Dingle Core Whiskey opened up with a wee splash of uisce. Uisce Beatha, the Water of Life! 
Enjoy discovering this new Whiskey, sure to rosy up your complexion against the chilly days to come! 

Hamper contents

  1. Dingle "Core" Whiskey
  2. Dingle Whiskey Tumblers *2
  3. Aines Chocolate Bars *2
  4. Tea Strainer
  5. Whiskey Marmalade 
  6. Guinness Sticky Onion Marmalade
  7. Velo Ground Coffee
  8. McEntee Irish Afternoon Tea
  9. Kilbeggan Sweet Oatcakes
  10. Luxury Irish Chocolate Box


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